About Us

APIBTC - the simpliest, universal and secure service to work with Bitcoin, that is comfortable both for personal use and for business of any level.

Vision and Mission

We aim to become the most popular and advanced cryptocurrency service in the world. Creativity and innovation – aimed at making a person's life better – have always been the key to our sustained success. Our guiding philosophy is to ensure that business development leads to higher efficiency in securing your financial future.

APIBTC was incorporated in London in early 2016. Since then, the company has been effectively developing and providing the best API opportunities. 

We have also created a very user-friendly personal wallet that can speed up transactions by choosing the commission amount. The wallet is available 24/7 and accessible from anywhere in the world.

We aim to improve the quality of services provided by us. The company continuously works on innovations and regularly tests even the smallest aspects of the service. All these are in pursuit of our main goal – to make the use of cryptocurrencies as simple and accessible as possible for everyone!

Our Core Values

Everything we do, we do with thoughts about people, bearing in mind that our mission is to make life easier, safer and better. Since the company was established, we have always focused on three key values: safety, quality and customer satisfaction.

We have always strongly protected that which is really important – a stable financial future.

We are committed to our customers who trust the APIBTC service. We strive to provide our customers with services that meet and even exceed their expectations. Our number one priority is to have happy and satisfied customers and that is why we make customer service as a core pillar of our company's brand identity.

APIBTC is committed to the highest level of business and ethical conduct, a commitment we take very seriously.

What You Get

  • A simple and user-friendly personal wallet that can regulate the commission amount. This speeds up transactions;

  • The API allows you to easily integrate bitcoin into your business and accept payments in bitcoin. Isolated transactions, unlimited number of wallets and addresses. Easy to use, does not require deep knowledge of bitcoin;

  • A regularly updated blog from where you can get latest news from the world of cryptocurrency and professional forecasts. The blog also provides new bitcoin lifehacks and interesting materials, as well as news about APIBTC 

Our Team

The company's powerful intellectual base of employees is an integrated and well-oiled working mechanism, which ensures maximum stability and reliability of the service.

  • Technical Department. Maintains the service and provides technical support;

  • Innovation Department. Is always in search of new developments aimed at improving the service;

  • Research & Information Department. Creates a unified and integrated information system for the company;

  • Media Center. Creates informative and analytical articles, as well as lifehacks to enable our users always be the first to know the latest news

Our employees are our number one pride at APIBTC. Some of them are graduates from world's top business schools – Harvard, Stanford and Wharton business schools in the US, London and Cambridge Judge business schools in the UK, Insead Business School in Singapore, Menlo College and Northeastern University also in the US and other eminent educational institutions in the world. 


We keep pace with the times
and use cutting-edge technologies to protect and secure your funds.


We provide high-quality and comprehensive technical support for both owners of major businesses and users of personal wallets.


We have the best team of like-minded professionals recruited
from around the world.


A custom-tailored approach to each client is one of the leading principles in our work.

Using the service of APIBTC,

you do not need to download blockchain, which will save more than 100 GB of hard disk drive space. It is intuitively simple and understandable interface, as well as the ability to receive donations on your website with the help of the button “Donate”.

The following world’s famous companies already use bitcoin: