User Agreement

1. General

1.1. Your use of the ApiBtc by any means and in any form within its declared functionality, includes:

1.2. By using any of the above opportunities of the ApiBtc, you agree to:

a) get acquainted with the conditions of the present Agreement in full before using the ApiBtc.

b) accept all the terms of this Agreement in full without any exceptions and limitations on your part and undertake to observe them or to stop using the ApiBtc. If you do not agree with the terms of this Agreement or are not authorized to contract on their basis, you should immediately cease any use of the ApiBtc.

C) the Agreement (including any of its parts) can be changed by Administration without any special notification. The new edition of the Agreement enters into force upon its posting on the Website of the Administration or to inform the User in another convenient form, unless otherwise provided in the new version of the Agreement.

2. General conditions of use of the ApiBtc

2.1. Using the functionality of the ApiBtc is allowed only after User registration and authorization on the Website in accordance with the established Administration procedure.

2.2. Technical, organizational and commercial terms of ApiBtc, including its functional capabilities are declared to Users by a separate posting on the Website or by notification to Users.

2.3. The selected username and password are the necessary and sufficient information for User access to the Site. The user has no right to pass his username and password to third party and is fully responsible for their safekeeping, independently choosing a way to store them.

3. Transaction rules

Users promise to obey ApiBtc's bitcoin transaction rules as well as other transaction rules updated or announced from time to time by ApiBtc, during the process of bitcoin transactions through ApiBtc:

3.1.  Browse transaction information

Users shall read the transaction information carefully, including but not limited to the price of bitcoin, entrusted quantity, transaction fees, purchase or sale details, a User can click buttons to trade only after fully accepting all contents of the transaction information.  

3.2  Submit entrustment

After browsing and certifying transaction information, a User can submit transaction entrustment.  Such submission will be deemed as authorizing ApiBtc to match possible transaction. ApiBtc will automatically match deals which meet the User's entrustment price without prior notification.  

3.3. Check transaction details

Users can check transaction records and confirm transaction details in management center.  

4. Rights and obligations of Users

4.1. Users have the right to accept the ApiBtc provided by ApiBtc in the specified agreement.  

4.2. Users can terminate ApiBTC at any timy. 

4.3. Users have the right to withdraw funds or bitcoins from the account at any time on ApiBtc.

While obligated to pay corresponding withdrawal fee, except when the User is involved in crimes or other conditions as contemplated under this agreement, and the authority or ApiBtc adopt restrictive measures such as freezing, attachment or transaction prohibition.

4.4. Users are responsible for authenticity, validity and safety of his/her personal information submitted during Registration.  

4.5. Users shall not interfere with normal transactions, disrupt transaction order, use any funds or bitcoins with unclear or unlawful source in transactions or engage in any illegal activities.  

4.6. Users shall not interfere with normal operations or other Users' activities with ApiBtc by technical or other means.  

4.7. If Users are in dispute with others as a result of  online transactions.

 A User must request a judiciary or government department’s judicial order to retrieve relevant information from ApiBtc, and ApiBtc will not provide relevant information by other means.  

4.8. A User shall not slander the reputation of ApiBtc maliciously by making up fictional fact, and shall not adopt any action damaging legitimate rights and interests of ApiBtc.  

4.9. If ApiBtc accidently overpay or double-pay the User bitcoins or funds resulting from failures of computers, information network, computers, communication system, electricity system or other system, or operational mistakes, etc.

A User shall return the spare bitcoins or funds through original path immediately, and such return must be submitted no later than 10 days after receiving reasonable notifications and reminders from ApiBtc.

5. Rights and obligations of ApiBtc

5.1. ApiBtc can refuse Registration application or cancel membership account of an unqualified User as contemplated under this agreement, and claim compensation for losses resulting from the User or his/her legal representative.  

Meanwhile, ApiBtc reserves the right to decide whether to accept the User's Registration or not under any other conditions.

5.2. ApiBtc can terminate a user’s account if it finds the actual User of an  account is not the initial register himself.  

5.3. If ApiBtc reasonably suspects a User of submitting false, untrue, invalid, incomplete or illegal information, harming other Users, violating social customs and social morality, ApiBtc can notify the User to correct, update the information, or suspend or terminate the offer of ApiBtc to the User.  

5.4. ApiBtc reserves the right to correct obvious errors in any information shown on ApiBtc at any time.  

5.5. ApiBtc reserves the right to change, suspend or terminate its ApiBtc without giving notification in advance, but a public announcement will  be followed.

5.6. ApiBtc will take necessary technical and managerial measures to ensure normal operation of ApiBtc. 

Provide necessary and reliable transaction environment and maintenance of ApiBtcs to bitcoin transaction order.  

5.7. If a User fails to login with his/her account and password on ApiBtc within a year in a row, ApiBtc can cancel the account.

Corresponding Usernames can be offered to other Users for Registration.  

5.8. ApiBtc protect the safety of Users’ funds and bitcoins by increasing technical investment, improving security defense and other measures.  

ApiBtc are obligated to inform Users of foreseeable security risks.  

5.9. ApiBtc can reserve all Registration and transaction information ApiBtc in this agreement during and after termination of this agreement but will not illegally use such information.  

5.10. ApiBtc can delete any contents inconsistent with national laws and regulations, regulatory documents or User evaluation without prior notification.  

5.11. If any illegal activity or breach of the agreement occur or can be reasonably suspected based on relevant evidence by ApiBtc, ApiBtc can:

5.12. If any User conduct any illegal activity or breach, the agreement  can be reasonably suspected based on relevant evidence by ApiBtc.

ApiBtc can freeze the User account of ApiBtc (including RMB capital account and bitcoin account), restrict or forbid the User from using any function of ApiBtc, and take other necessary and reasonable measures conforming to the anti money-laundering laws and other laws and regulations. ApiBtc will cooperate with the police investigation actively and positively, and disclose all of the User’s account information, transaction records and other information, including but not limited to name, ID number, contact information, photos, bank transaction records, etc..

6. Liability exemption

To the extent permitted by law, in any case, ApiBtc does not assume responsibility for ApiBtc failure, ApiBtc delay or Users losses resulting from:

7. Risk warning

7.1. Internet is a decentralized, global public network, and is not controlled by any agency.

A data transmission route over the Internet is not entirely certain; it is a subject to potential interference or intrusion. Data transmitted over the Internet can be intercepted or falsified by unauthorized individuals, groups or institutions. Data transmission on the Internet may be delayed by busy communication, or interrupted, stalled, incomplete or wrong for other reasons, resulting into transaction flips, delays, pauses or deadlocks. User online transaction identities may be leaked or counterfeited for their negligence or other reasons, causing damage to the User.  The User's computer may affect login, transaction time or transaction data, and cause losses due to performance deficiency, quality problem, virus, hardware failures or other reasons. The User undertakes losses or liabilities of such risks autonomously while ApiBtc does not bear any responsibility. Nevertheless, ApiBtc will take advanced network products and technical measures to maximize protection towards User information and transaction.

7.2. Bitcoin transactions involve great risks.

The bitcoin market is new, unconfirmed, and may not be growing. Currently, bitcoin is mostly used by speculator, retail and commercial market is relatively small, resulting in fluctuation of bitcoin prices and consequently harming bitcoin investment. There is no price limits mechanism in the bitcoin market while transaction is 24 hours open. Bitcoin price may soar or plunge and is easily controlled by big dealers due to few chips.

7.3. Participating in bitcoin transactions, a User will control risks, assess investment value and risk, and assume all economic losses.

If bitcoin transaction is suspended or banned by laws, regulations or regulative documents, a User will assume all economic losses on his/her own. Once the User is registered, he is deemed to have fully known and understood transaction risks on ApiBtc, and agreed to assume potential risks or losses.

8. Complaints and consulting

ApiBtc builds a professional customer ApiBtc team to provide Users with timely answers and feedbacks.  If the User has any questions, complaints and advice while using ApiBtc, send e-mails to ApiBtc specified e-mail: Or use the Telegram messenger, username: @apibtc